Bus Air Conditioning

Like its predecessor, the new LD8u has a light weight, streamline design with the same quality and reliability you‘ve grown to expect from DENSO - PLUS a perfectly balanced heating function to keep you comfortable when the weather cools. Combined with DENSO’s comprehensive warranty and service, the LD8u is taking the market by storm.

Roof Unit Max. Cooling Capacity 35kw (J.I.S) 28,000 kcal/h (J.I.S)
Max. Air Flow 6,600 m3/h (Free Blow)
Weight 175kg
Size L 3720mm x W 2000mm
Electric Power Consumption 65 amp (at 24 V DC)
Heating Capacity Hot Water Heating 32.5kw
Rated At 15 litres/minute coolant flow rate and 38oC temperature
difference between coolant and air inlet
Compressor Model 6C500
Displacement 495cc
Compressor Oil Type ND-Oil 8
Condenser Type All aluminium multi-flow type
Condenser Fan and Motor Fan Propellor fan type
Motor Ferrite motor (DENSO 112F)
No. of Units 3 pcs
Power Consumption 480 watt (160w x 3)
Evaporator Type Copper tube and aluminium fin type
Evaporator Fan and Motor Fan Sirocco fan type
Motor Ferrite motor (DENSO T70F)
No. of Units 8 pieces
Power Consumption 1120 watt (140w x 8)
Expansion Valve Type External equalizer type
Dryer Contents Zeolite (cartridge type)
Receiver Tank Type Horizontal
Piping Refrigerant rubber hoses and copper pipes
Refrigerant Type R134a
Amount (Approx) 4.9kg (one cycle)
Service & Support DENSO global network assures full support on warranty service, installation and maintenance.